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As a new scriptwriter, it goes without saying that you are not the best in proofreading the finished drafts. This is a field that has professionals that have specialized in it. A script consultant will offer help with a lot from the characterization of the draft structure and as far as marketing as well. You may be handed a script that appears free of any errors but a script consultant has a keen eye to see areas that could use some improvements.

Producers use script consultants in picking some of the best scripts. Script consultants have specialized in a certain genre and if your draft falls in that particular one, they are the best people to have a look at it. A script consultant that is best in a genre like romance will not double up in those based in science as well. Some of the most experienced script consultants can point out a great story buy just looking at the first few pages of the script. Regardless of what the script consultants feel about the draft , they will offer the strong and weak points of the work. The consultants will offer helpful suggestions on a script, it’s not criticism.

These professionals have mastered principles of telling stories and writing them as well. The first ten minutes of a film are enough to for most to determine whether it is a boring or interesting one. This is not news to a professional script consultant and they will ensure that a script missing that has it by the time they are done with their suggestions. For this reason you will realize that most of the suggestions focus on the first pages of the scripts. Executive producers understand how much of a difference this can make and prefer to work with script consultants. You can find affordable consultants to work with on your script, it all depends on where you look. Independent script consultants will provide you with some of the best services but they come at a cost.

If you have just finished with your script do not give it away immediately for reviews and later publishing and production, have some time to clear your thought. You might come up with ideas that could lead to you making some changes. The condensed version after some alterations will make it better in a sense that there are fewer errors. Work with cheap script consultants even those that are free if it helps. You can get a second opinion from another script consultant if you feel it will help. The golden rule is to make sure they are specialized in that genre

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